Conditions of sale


These terms and conditions of sale establish the rules whereby our company (the seller) provides users with the opportunity to buy works of art, antiques and collectibles via our website or any other marketplace (including mobile or app versions) ) on which they appear.

The type of contract used between our company and users is the "Online sales contract", which is a distance sale contract for goods and/or services, entered into by La Maison de la Petite Sara S.R.L. and users, as part of an online purchase/sale system.
Please read the rules carefully before making purchases or submitting proposals.

The navigation on the website, the purchase of items or the forwarding of purchase proposals constitute an unconditional acceptance of all our rules.

Seller’s identification

All items are sold by the company "La maison de la petite Sara S.R.L.", headquartered in Via Orazio Olivieri 6 - Dogana - Republic of San Marino - C.O.E. SM 27191.
Registered in the e-commerce register under no. 506 of 02/10/2017 pursuant to law no. 58 of 29 May 2013.

General conditions of sale

Our company provides an integrated system for the purchase or formulation of purchase proposals for works of art, antiques and collectibles.

These objects are proposed in the state in which they are found, without special restoration work on our part, unless otherwise specified.

All items can also be viewed in person at our office before the purchase, by phone appointment or email.

By entering the purchase order on our site, the customer guarantees to have the legal capacity and/or to be legally authorized to conclude purchase contracts and to be of age.

All our items come from private collections, directly from artists or from selected retailers.

Prices and payment

All prices of items on the website and other related marketplaces are to be considered as finished of all taxes (for EU and EEC countries), excluding delivery costs (which are paid by the buyer) unless they are indicated as free of charge. The total amount of the order must be paid no later than 4 days from the date of purchase.
Methods of payment accepted are:

  • Cash (for a maximum of € 9.999,99).
  • Paypal and related credit and debit cards.
  • Payoneer.
  • Escrow.
  • Bank transfer.

For orders above € 9.999,00 the buyer will be subjected to due diligence inspection. To avoid the purchase by unauthorized persons, at the time of payment, please notify us immediately if the item(s) must be accompanied by a receipt or invoice (company data and VAT number must be sent). Only after receiving payment will the order be executed within 2 working days with collection at our office by the buyer or by a person appointed by him or other method agreed with the customer.
Any invoice must be requested before making the payment.

The order will be canceled within 7 days if it is not paid and a report will be made of the buyer as a bad payer.
We therefore invite all our customers to be serious at the time of purchase, so as not to cause us and other buyers interested in the same item(s) to waste tame.

Cancellation of an order, return, refund

In case a user wants to cancel an order, they must inform thereof no later than 4 days from the date of purchase by writing an email to the following address:

We ask all users not to make the payment and then request the cancellation of the order, and generally not proceed with purchases or proposals if they are not seriously willing to buy.

We offer merchandise returns and full refunds (excluding shipping costs), no later than 14 days after receipt of the item(s);

if it arrives broken, damaged or does not correspond to what is described in the advertisements, it must be immediately communicated (no later than 24 hours from receipt of the item/s).

Shipping and customs duties

As a rule, all our items must be collected by the customer, or a person appointed by him, at our office in the Republic of San Marino.

For those who request it, the items will be delivered by express courier traceable all over the world, or, delivered personally to your home (when indicated in the advertisement and/or agreed with our offices), especially if the goods are particularly bulky and fragile.

We make packaging resistant and safe and ensure our items are received without any damage or breakage.

For those who request it, shipments can also be insured (with relevant surcharge communicated subjectively).

For shipments to Italy and within the European Union and the European Economic Community there are no customs duties, but the price must be increased by VAT.

For shipments outside the EU, customs duties may be applied by the various countries, which will be at the complete care of the customer.


Every item on our website (or other marketplace connected to it) is always accompanied by our certificate guaranteeing its authenticity, complete with photos, description, period and dimensions and, when possible, also by the authentications of the various artists, archives and foundations.

Give an object as a present

Do you want to give a special object as a present and give a surprise to loved person, a friend, your wife or your husband? Perhaps a person who lives on the other side of the world?

Don’t worry, whatever your need, we will ensure that you receive the object you have chosen from our gallery intact anywhere in the globe you live, in a gift box containing your personal note.

Make what you first thought impossible possible!

Contact us for further information:

Custom delivery

If you are still reluctant to use the express and traceable shippers that we use and do not want to collect the item(s) you purchased at our premises, you can take advantage of our custom delivery service!

We can deliver most of our items on a European scale directly to your hands or those of the person who you have appointed (with the relevant surcharge to be agreed).

Contact us for further information:

Purchasing outside EU

La maison de la petite Sara s.r.l. reiterates that it is not responsible in any way for the various possible customs duties and charges and invites all users who wish to purchase from outside the EU and EEC (before proceeding with the order) to inquire about such expenses in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.
It also invites you to make sure that the item(s) to be imported does not violate the rules of your country.

Use license

The data sheets and photos of the items sold on our website can be printed for personal use, and both the objects on sale and the items of our blog can be virtually shared and disseminated on the web, on other websites and on all social networks (even with the appropriate icons already present on our pages), always suggesting the origin website (
Otherwise, no part of our website may be reproduced, used or stored on another website for exploitation, personal purposes or fraud attempts.
It is forbidden to include any reproductions of the website in any system or service, public or private, for the electronic retrieval of information.

All rights not explicitly granted by our website are reserved.


La maison de la petite Sara ensures the security and confidentiality of data requested to users for the provision and management of our services.

The data may be used to notify users (via email or other) of new offers or proposals for items that may arouse their interest.

All personal information of users is collected and processed in special servers in accordance with all applicable privacy regulations.

In any case, users can request the deletion of their personal data from our archives at any time by email.

Disputes and fraud attempts

Any attempt to defraud this company (e.g. by proposing stolen goods or goods that are not entirely possessed by the proponent) will promptly and systematically be reported to law enforcement agencies, who will consequently decide how to act against private individuals.

The attempt to sell works of art or antiques accompanied by false certificates or counterfeit documentation, and therefore not related to the item(s), will also be considered as fraud.

The attempt to counterfeit brands of all items, to reproduce collectible items and to falsify or lie about their origin is also considered as fraud against our company.

At the moment of purchase, the buyer agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Republic of San Marino for any type of dispute, indicating the San Marino court.

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I received the painting and I am very satisfied. Thank you.


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lamaisondelapetitesara en conditions-of-sale 019

I have received the chinese sculpture on time and I believe that the negotiation has been very correct and carried out with mutual satisfaction.


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lamaisondelapetitesara en conditions-of-sale 019

Seriousness and competence; great quality of the articles, which are proposed with beautiful photographs, detailed descriptions, certificate of authenticity and sent professionally. I recommend it to anyone who is a serious fan of art and collectibles.


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lamaisondelapetitesara en conditions-of-sale 019

I've made two orders from La Maison De La Petite Sara, and I am happy with my purchases from this shop.

Sara responded to all my inquiries in a timely manner, and I received all my orders well-packaged and without damage. 

My orders also arrived very quick. 

Grazie and Best Wishes to your Shop Sara!


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lamaisondelapetitesara en conditions-of-sale 019

Fast shipping, everything is ok.


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La Maison De La Petite Sara S.r.l.
Via Orazio Olivieri, 6 - Dogana - (Repubblica di San Marino)
C.o.E. SM 27191
Iscritto al Registro e-commerce al nr. 506 del 02/10/2017

Entered in the e-commerce register under no. 506 on 02/10/2017
pursuant to law no. 58 of 29 May 2013
The company is registered in the Register of Non-Financial Entities pursuant to Article 19 of Law no. 92 dated June 17, 2008 and is subject to the supervision of the Financial Information Agency.
Sales and/or purchase transactions, including fractional amounts greater than €9.999,99, are subject to the obligation of adequate customer verification pursuant to Article 21 of the aforementioned law.
All our shipments are sent from the Republic of San Marino
All prices shown are already inclusive of EU/EEC VAT
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