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The Shape of Color - Part 2

In this Viewing Rooms we offer a series of artists and their works characterized not so much by their clear style but by the color they have used. This is the second of the 5 viewing rooms that will extend over time. We live immersed in color and colors affect our actions and emotional states. They are a form of energy that acts on our whole being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; and it is important that everyone carefully chooses the colors with which he surrounds himself.

Mario Schifano said: "My monochromes are dripping with paint. When I used industrial color I wanted to give an emblematic meaning to painting. I didn't want the shades, so I chose the color-block the color-can."

Mario Schifano (Homs, 1934 - Rome, 1998).
Between the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, Schifano, together with artists such as Mimmo Rotella, Tano Festa, Giosetta Fioroni and Franco Angeli, became part of the artistic movement of the School of Piazza del Popolo.
Among the most famous works we remember the series "Io sono Infantile", made in 1965, the screen printing works, the polaroids, the photographs, the series of canvases "Il Ciclo della Natura" and the paintings "En plein air", "Campo di pane "and emulsified canvases, in which he re-proposes television images modified with unnatural colors.

Shozo Shimamoto (1928 - 2013) was a founding member of the Gutai movement. Internationally recognized for his painting created by his hand-made cannons and for his performances of throwing bottles full of color on very large canvases.
The essence of Shimamoto, which can be called "the track of the action" embodies the spirit of Gutai, which magnetically attracts international audiences to Japanese contemporary art.

Salvo (1947 - 2015).
Since the beginning of the seventies he has undertaken an experimental investigation linked to the photographic image, at the center of which is the identity of the artist himself.
Since 1973 he has devoted himself to figurative painting; he focuses on landscapes, increasingly shifting the emphasis on nature rather than architecture; the inspiration is due both to his long stays in the Gulf of Policastro and in the Langhe, and to his numerous trips to Oman, Syria, Tibet, Nepal, Ethiopia, as well as much of Europe, in particular France, Germany and Norway.

Fernando Botero (1932, Medellín, Colombia) is a world-famous Colombian artist, praised on international painting texts.
He was inspired by the pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial art that surrounded him, as well as the political work of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

Carla Accardi (1924 - 2014) is one of the most interesting post-war Italian artists.
She is the first abstract woman to have international recognition.
As recalled by Germano Celant, the art historian closest to her, "Accardi was an important figure for several reasons. With others of her of her generation, Afro, Scialoja, D'Orazio, she built a bridge between Italian art, which until then was very 'closed', and what was happening on the international scene, American first of all.
She and she were one of the first women to have recognition on the world stage, still dominated by men”.

The Puma Painter

Goffredo Parise defined Mario Schifano as a "Puma Painter": "A small puma whose muscles and shooting are not suspected, which leaves behind the clear and mysterious imprint of elegance". After the informal period, he decided to join the collective called "The School of Piazza del Popolo". He met Anita Pallenberg, a young model who soon became his girlfriend. Together with his partner he traveled to the United States where he met Andy Warhol, father of Pop Art.

Mario Schifano, Untitled (Anemic Landscape), 1978-1981, Enamels on canvas, 100 × 70 cm

The Nomadic Samurai

Shozo Shimamoto distinguished himself for an action painting style, offering the idea to bring color back to the dimension of matter, to the physicality of a chromatic element no longer perceived as a vehicle for representation.
One of the results of this idea is "Bottle Crash", a true chromatic explosion.
Shimamoto's performances are a celebration, often with the connotations of a dance.
His canvases, like large and small universes, enclose this cosmic dance within them and release its energy.

Shozo Shimamoto, Bottle Crash in Venice 08, 2007, Acrylic and broken glass on canvas, 117 × 115 cm

Return to Painting

As a young man Salvo moved with his family to Turin, which will remain his adoptive city until the end.
At the age of 20 he began to frequent the artists of the so-called Arte Povera: he met and frequented Boetti, with whom he shared the studio until 1971.
His first works clearly show the theme of narcissism, the search for self and the relationship with one's own culture, evident both in his photographs and collages, and in his series of engraved tombstones.

Salvo, Il Villaggio (The Village), 2004, Oil on canvas, 51 × 75 × cm


Fernando Botero, Colombian artist, has been recognized until the point of calling his figurative style "Boteroism" which marks the creation of more robust and thicker figures than usual.
In the same way "Boteroism" seems to like the grotesque, due to the habitual use it makes of deformed images.
In recent years Botero has dealt in his works, especially paintings, the burning themes of the political and social reality of his native country and of the world, for example the "Abu Gharib" series.

Fernando Botero, The Family in an Interior, 2019, Mixed media on canvas, 122 × 100 cm

The Artist of Sign

At the beginning of Carla Accardi's artistic career, the echoes of concretism are quite present in her works, created within the Forma 1 group.
World famous is the research of her in installations of various types, using plastic materials such as sheets of "sicofoil", which is a type of transparent cellulose acetate, painted with paints and enamels.

Carla Accardi, Orange Green Crossed Marks, 1980, Paint on sicofoil, 59 × 59 cm
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Serietà e competenza; grande qualità degli articoli, che vengono proposti con bellissime fotografie, descrizioni minuziose, certificato di autenticità e spediti in modo professionale. Lo consiglio a chiunque sia un serio appassionato di arte e collezionismo.


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